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Current Immigration Events and Issues/Problems

The United States has frequently been referred to as “the melting pot of cultures”. Since its formation, people from all around the world flock to this nation in pursuit of the American Dream. According to the Hispanic Population and the 2010 Census’ account, a large percentile of the U.S. population is composed of Hispanics and Latin Americans. Nearly 16 percent of the population has the right to influence the political, social, and economic culture of the United States – whether they are participating in elections, paying taxes, or being active participants in the labor force – despite being of foreign descent. With the recent turn of elections and several travel bans being placed, the topic of immigration has, once again, dominated the dinner table conversation nationwide. Some people are calling for drastic reform and stricter regulation of immigration while others believe that immigration is not only viable but important to our nation’s socio-economic well-being. So what are the actual immigration issues and problems that we are facing today? What are policymakers trying to address?


United States Immigration Process and Immigration Lawyers
For a foreigner seeking to immigrate to the United States, the process is overly complicated and a lengthy one. Regardless of your reasons for leaving your country – escaping persecution, financial opportunities, and personal ambitions – every person must deal with this tedious bureaucratic process upon arrival to US. Paperwork, applications, medical certificates, and interviews are all steps which must be taken in order to be considered for residency in the United States. Should policy-makers be more focused on easing the legal immigration process rather than persecuting illegal immigrants? That’s one of the biggest questions predominating immigration arena today. As always proper guidance of competent immigration lawyers should be taken under consideration before embarking on the immigration journey in the United States.


Do we really want to build that wall?
The Republican candidate – now turned President of the United States – Donald Trump, made headlines worldwide long before he was elected into office. His boisterous rhetoric called for immigration bans on Hispanics and Muslims, the construction of a wall along the Mexican-American border, and basically flipping current immigration policies on their head. There was a lot of backlash concerning these types of prejudicial statements. According to a 2016 Gallup poll, about 72 percent of Americans claimed that immigration is a good thing and as many as 84 percent believe that undocumented immigrants should be granted citizenship rather than being deported. Yet, President Trump is now the sitting leader of the free world. With about forty-three million immigrants inhabiting the U.S. today, what really is the sentiment behind immigration reform? Where do we draw the line with this debate? Will new policies distinguish between race, nationality, or religion (as has already begun with the Muslim community)? Are refugees excluded from these incoming policies?


US Immigration Policy in a Nutshell
For years, the Congressional floor has seen comprehensive propositions from both ends of the spectrum. The last time they even came close to passing legislation for immigration reform was in 2013 when Democrats nearly got a bill through the House which would have provided citizenship to undocumented immigrants. Today, with Republicans dominating the executive and legislative branches of the government, the attitude has definitely shifted towards taking a more conservative approach. Within a few months of being in office, President Trump has already revoked hundreds of thousands of U.S. visas and created a 50,000 person annual refugee cap. With the crises in the Middle East, shouldn’t we be raising the refugee cap rather than lowering it? Possibly so, the perception on immigration changes quickly so keep your ears and eyes open…

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  1. Re: Rochas Owelle Biography Help by houvest:4:02pm On May 29,
    2011I think he grew up in Jos.
    Re: Rochas Owelle Biography Help by adamabdul:4:06pm On May 29, 2011@houvest DO U KNW ANYWHERE
    Re: Rochas Owelle Biography Help by ypad:4:51pm On May
    29, 2011H e grew up in Jos.
    Re: Rochas Owelle Biography Help by Nobody:5:13pm On May 29,
    2011Rochas spent most of his adult life in Jos and North and started life selling Tokunbo cars before he built his business empire.

    He is an Alumni of University of Jos where he studied
    Re: Rochas Owelle Biography Help by adamabdul:6:13pm On May 29, 2011oh i see
    Re: Rochas Owelle Biography Help by Nobody:7:42pm On May
    29, 2011Tijani Babangida Congratulates Gov.Rochas Okorocha
    By IMO STATE BLOG: / JMG MEDIA RELATIONSNigeria | Thu, 26 May 2011 ArticleHeadlines(0) Comment | Watch Live
    TV | Share | Print | E-mail | Save | Alerts
    They make wars and think of destruction as though dialogue has
    no meaning. By: Lord Aikins Adusei
    More Quotes | Submit Quote
    International Soccer Megastar, Tijani Babangida has congratulated the Imo State
    Gov-elect Rochas Okorocha over his victory at
    the Governorship polls. In a phone call with, renowned Celebrity Publicist cum Political Blogger Joi John, the
    former Super Eagles player indicated that he was particularly pleased that the voice of the masses were heard in such a
    controversial election.

    ” It is a pity that Gov.Okorocha is not a Northerner because, many people from the North admire him. I don’t think the Imo people know what God has given them. Rochas has been touching the lives of the Youth for over ten years all over Nigeria. I recall when I was about to start the Soccer Academy. He personally took me to meet with the Governors of Adamawa, Kogi, Taraba in their respective states to assist me with the Poverty alleviation programme I was working on in, partnership with the Sokoto State Government. This was done out done out of his own good will to assist in getting help for the less priviledged young men in those states. Now he has been elected into Government, I believe he can do more of that. With his Chief of Staff, Prince Eze Madumere, I know he would have a solid team . I congratulate him once more and now, we pray for God to continue to guide and keep him focused to make Imo State better just as he had promised.” He

    His Excellency Gov.Rochas Okorocha won a resounding Victory
    at the May 6th 2011 elections defeating the incumbent Gov.Ikedi Ohakim
    with a landslide Margin. On May 29th, he will be sworn in as
    the 14th Governor of Imo State and the 5th to be Democratically elected.

    Tijani Babangida is a retired footballer who played as a Winger for the Nigerian National Team (Super Eagles).
    Overall he has played in Five different Countries across, Three Continents.
    Babangida has over 30 games with the Super Eagles including Four at the 1998 World
    Cup in France. He has also participated in two Africa Cup of Nations Tournaments and,
    won the 1996 Olympics Competition with the National Team.
    With over 200 goals to his credit, Babangida retired from Professional football in 2004 and took up a career as a Football Agent.

    An Entrepreneur and Philantrophist at heart, he continually
    contributes in enhancing the lives of the less priviledged youth all over Nigeria.
    He has set up various establishments including a Shopping Mall in his home state, Kaduna as a means to create job opportunites for the youth.
    Through his Soccer Academy, 10 young players at the least have been placed in professional clubs.
    Re: Rochas Owelle Biography Help by adamabdul:9:15pm On May 29,
    2011A very good man,and yes he is popular in the north.Change has come to Imo.I hope he would one day become the president of Nigeria
    Re: Rochas Owelle Biography Help by adamabdul:9:17pm
    On May 29, 2011Thank you @mikeansy 4 d news exactly what
    waz on my mind
    Re: Rochas Owelle Biography Help by aloyemeka1:11:00am On May 30,

    [size=14pt]The Man Rochas Okorocha[/size]
    Born Rochas Anayo Ethelbert Okorocha in September 22,1962, from
    Ogboko Ideato South Local Government Area, Rochas is a unique Nigerian, a great Philanthropist of no equal
    measure, teacher and educationist, an orator, an apostle
    of peace, a detribalized Nigerian, politician, great business mogul whose name is synonymous with success, father to thousands of poor Nigerian children, symbol of the New Generation, standard bearer of a new Nigeria, Emperor of
    the Disabled, an accomplished administrator and presently
    the governor elect for Imo State under the platform of the All Progressives
    Grand Alliance (APGA).
    Rochas is married to Lolo Nkechi Okorocha and blessed with three daughters (Miss Uloma, Uju and Uchechi Rochas)
    and three sons (Aham, Amamchi and Amen Rochas). Owelle Rochas Okorocha holds a Masters degree in Law.

    He is versed in local, national, and international policies and global trends in economic development.
    He has effectively initiated leadership standards
    at various forms of public endowment and has assisted government agencies and parastatals
    in initiating ideas, implementing programs, managing public projects and shaping public policies.
    He has implanted progressive measures and elevated lives by bringing about strategic changes with proven and visible economic and social enhancements.

    He is unconditionally committed to alleviating the plight of the less-privileged in the society
    as a basis for economic emancipation and social justice.

    His foundation, the Rochas Foundation, provides materials, educational and
    medical sponsorship for the less privileged. An ardent believer in the ability of man to determine his destiny, Rochas Okorocha believes that with hard
    work, faith in God, honesty and objective planning, all good things are possible and
    his life has been a fitting testimony to this belief.
    As he often says:”I see injustice and I ask, why not justice? I see poverty and I ask, why not affluence? I see the less privileged and I say, why not Rochas Foundation? I see indigent children unable to acquire education and I say, why not Rochas Foundation Colleges?” In pursuit
    of these visions, he established the Rochas Foundation College system, a FREE comprehensive
    secondary educational institution that offers
    free tuition, boarding, feeding, transportation and medical care to over three thousand (3,000) Nigerian children from less-privileged
    families annually.

    He is a holder of numerous titles from communities and associations within and outside the country in appreciation of his
    service to humanity. He was conferred with the traditional titles of “Owelle Ndi Igbo” and “Dan Jekan Sokoto” in a unique and unprecedented ceremony by the body of
    traditional rulers of the Southeast and the North led by the Chairman of the
    Southeast Forum of Traditional Rulers, Eze (Dr.) Eze Ukandu, JP and the Late Sultan of Sokoto, His Eminence,Alhaji Muhammadu Maccido
    (CFR).He is also the Omorodun of Yoruba land; the Okala of Ehie; the
    Talban Gwagwalada and Uban Talakawa (Father of
    the poor) He believes that no matter the height he has attained in life, his
    greatest joy is in identifying with his family,
    his roots, the poor and less privileged in the society.

    A devoted Christian with six biological children outside his many adopted children, he enjoys sports, reading, worshipping
    God and involving in peoples and community events especially when they concern the
    poor and needy. He is a man reserved by God for the right moment to lead his people to
    the Promise Land.

    rooster Crow At Dawn?
    According to Igbo belief system, in every village, seniority in the animal
    kingdom is conferred by age, and in the avian kingdom,
    the story is no different. The most senior cockerel it is whose responsibility it is to
    herald the dawn, until it crows, no other rooster is allowed to even release a whimper, it behooves on this
    senior rooster to correctly time when dawn dawns and after
    announcing it with periodic exhalation of massive and raucous crows,
    others can then follow suit. The senior rooster will crow on 29th May 2011 and Douglas
    House Owerri, nay the entire Imo State will wear a new look.
    But before then, preparations must be made to welcome the big masquerade, because they do not appear frequently.

    Big masquerades do not enter the market square in a hurry, their sheer presence and electrifying awe must be felt long
    before their appearance, with messengers ahead to announce
    their emergence, they take their steps in majestic
    syncronisation with the rhythm of the lead drummer and the Flutist frequent
    calls. They are always an embodiment of the incomprehensible yet admirable, the myths woven around them give
    off an air of suffocating invincibility.

    In traditional Igboland, great masquerades are not
    frequently seen, but when they appear on the scene, small ones out of reverence and trembling must of necessity give way.
    And before then, words will go round the village that a great thing
    has happened in deed and the people will be in a celebratory mood in anticipation of the impending changes.
    According to the Returning Officer for the election in Imo State, Professor
    Hillary Ode Edeoga, Okorocha defeated incumbent Imo State Governor, Mr.

    Ikedi Ohakim of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)
    to clinch the governorship seat of the state. He polled 336,859 as against Ohakim’s 290,496,
    while Ifeanyi Ararume of the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) polled 107,068.

    With results declared from 26 out of the 27 Local Government Areas of the state, having successfully concluded the supplementary governorship
    election in three of four LGAs on Friday, May 06, 2011,
    Owelle Okorocha was declared winner having fulfilled all
    other constitutional requirements. The cockerels are now crowing all
    over the state heralding the long expected dawn for change.
    Interestingly though, the emblem of the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) is a rooster.
    A big rooster at that.
    Re: Rochas Owelle Biography Help by aloyemeka1:11:
    04am On May 30, 2011[size=14pt]Okorocha: Coronation of a people’s man[/size]
    Written by Sulaimon Olanrewaju
    Wednesday, May 11, 2011

    DEFEATING an incumbent in an electoral contest in Nigeria is usually a Herculean task, given the machinery of government at the
    disposal of the incumbent. This is even more so when such incumbent is generally believed to have
    acquitted himself creditably in the discharge of his responsibility.
    But that is what Owelle Rochas Okorocha, the All Progressives
    Grand Alliance (APGA) candidate in the Imo State gubernatorial
    election did. He worsted hard working and hard fighting governor of the state, Ikedi Ohakim of the Peoples
    Democratic Party (PDP).

    Rochas Foundation College, Ibadan

    According to the result of the two-phase election released by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) last Saturday, Okorocha scored 336,
    859 votes while Governor Ohakim scored 290,490 votes. Senator Ifeanyichukwu Araraume of the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN), polled 107,
    068 votes.

    To many observers of Imo politics, the entry of Okorocha
    to the gubernatorial contest was the game changer.
    He is believed to be the most popular individual in the state at the
    moment. Thus, the platform on which he sought to become the governor was not as important as his reputation spoke volumes about his ability.
    Consequently, long before the April 26 date of the original election and May 6 date of the supplementary one, many people
    in the state had concluded that neither Ohakim’s outstanding performance
    over the past four years nor his being from Okigwe zone would stand him in a good stead against Okorocha.

    Imo is rigid when it comes to the issue of zoning. Thus ordinarily, Ohakim, who is from Okigwe zone, and was just completing his first term, or
    Araraume, also from Okigwe, should have been preferred to
    Okorocha because the governorship had been zoned to the area since 2007.
    But in this particular instance, the people of Imo State dumped zoning politics
    and cast their votes in favour of Okorocha, said to
    be acceptable to all the zones in the state.

    Mrs Deborah Onifade, a parent

    As observed by Chief Charles Nkwocha, a community leader in Imo State, only very
    few people could have altered the voting pattern as Okorocha did because of the sensitivity of
    the people of Imo to the issue of zoning.
    Re: Rochas Owelle Biography Help by chiozor:11:44am On May
    30, 2011wht does he do for a living?

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